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I Love YaBB 2!

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Yabb &Pcpin
Aug 31st, 2013 at 1:19pm
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Would anyone know how to use the login users use to log into yabb , to also log into Pcpin Chat.

Would like both to recognize users,
Would like users to only log in once.

Smiley Your hep is appreciated!

Used (Chat CE 4 YaBB 2.4) mod, it is great, works, however would like users to be able to create their own rooms, rooms have to be created by admin or moderator. (Rooms=Categories & Boards)

Was going to try making everyone a moderator, however that has to be done manually.

If topics could be included in the mod along with Categories and Boards it would allow members to create a room as they create a topic.

The room would show up under the board or category the topic was started in.

Category or Board would be called CATS.

Member Starts a topic under category or board CATS, Topic is "Cats? WOW You Saw The Musical ?".

"Cats? WOW You Saw The Musical?" would automatically become a room.

If anyone knows how to accomplish either or, your help is appreciated.

Thank You For Takng The Time
Enjoy The Day.


Using Versions
Yabb 2.5.2
Pcpin Chat 6.23
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