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Sticky Topic [YaBB Release] YaBB 2.5.2 - First in two years! (Read 36100 times)
Corey Chapman
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[YaBB Release] YaBB 2.5.2 - First in two years!
Oct 21st, 2012 at 9:52pm
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YaBB is back today with release version 2.5.2.  This is the first official YaBB release in more than two years.  Much work has been done on the "future" of YaBB which is not quite ready, but this 2.5.2 release provides many bug fixes and additional features, primarily spam-fighting tools.  Please celebrate with us, as we begin to bring some life back into Yet another Bulletin Board.

2.5.2 is dedicated to the memory of Ron Hartendorp, AKA Spikecity. His work on past YaBB software versions and his help to the YaBB Community will be sorely missed. Our thoughts are with his loved ones and friends. He left the world too soon.

Download it here:

Visit the community forum here:

New and Enhanced Features:
- "X Posts Before Web Links"
- YouTube media support
- Admin: added 'Required on Registration' Extended Profile entries to registration log
- Admin: added choice to allow users to delete their own accounts.
- Admin: added choice to send 'registration denied' emails when no reason is given for rejection.
- Anti-spam modules: SpamFruits, HoneyPot and Anti-Spam Question with admin choice to activate
- Censor checks on PM and attachment names
- URL Encoding (Ban Email and Attachments)

Bug Fixes:
- Display names in UTF-8 character fixed
- Fixed deprecated code in Admin/, Admin/, Sources/
- Hide Login, Register, Reset Password in Maintenance Mode
- Incomplete date in Last Zip backup
- Language Dropdown Menus fixed
- Mail to Groups fixed
- Rebuild Membership bug fixed
- Missing YaBB tags in
- Optional Gender on Registration
- Javascript error in
- '+' in email and file attachment names
- Ex-Member stops ability to modify other posts
- Date bug in Extended Profiles
- Extended Profiles: Required on Registration with Admin Edit Only blocking User Profile editing
- Security/IP blocking issue with downloads with bad names
- List images in Personal Messages
- Erroneous contexthelp messages on Smilies in Personal Messages posting screen
- Redirect problem in Login screen
- N/A after post delete
- Incorrect error text in UserCP
- Negative number of PMs
- Images in quotes
- Changing case in Display Name triggers Duplicate warning
- Send Topic can be accessed when disabled
- noparse disables Newsfader
- Extra Javascript line in
- Forum Jump not disabled in Maintenance mode
- Greybox images fixed
- Space in Displayname bug with Password reminder/reset
- Issues with all-number user names and Admin Approval of Registrations mode
- * Corey Chapman code reformatted

Documentation Fixes:
- Updated Quick Guide
- Graphics Changes/Cleanup
- Language fixes/improvement
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Re: [YaBB Release] YaBB 2.5.2 - First in two years!
Reply #1 - Jan 13th, 2013 at 5:51pm
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Looks good ... great work Smiley

lg XTC

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