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Normal Topic CSS Buttons 4 YaBB 2.5 (beta 0.1) (Read 2016 times)
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CSS Buttons 4 YaBB 2.5 (beta 0.1)
Dec 12th, 2010 at 4:46am
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Ever wanted to add a new set of graphic buttons to your YaBB template but gave up because it was to much trouble making more than 60 different graphics?

With this mod you'll get the job done by making only 2 - yes TWO - small graphics!!! One left part 10x20 px and one right part 260x20 px in .png or .gif format. Give them the same name except for the last part which must be '_left' and '_right'. Place them directly in the 'yabbfiles/Buttons' folder and - Voila - they will appear in the Style Sheet wysiwyg editor for you to add to your templates.

This also means that you can add different buttons to different templates!!

Format for new button:

UnikName_left.png (10x20 px)
UnikName_right.png (260x20 px)

Also added a new extra "Menu.def" to load all 3 menu modes from only one file. The format for adding new buttons to the new "Menu.def" file compared to "old style" is:


For the "Home" button it looks like this:

New Menu.def style:

Old Menu0.def:
'home' => "<img src=\"$imagesdir/home.$imgext\" alt=\"$img_txt{'103'}\" border=\"0\" /> <span class=\"imgmenu\">$img_txt{'103'}</span>",

Old Menu1.def:
'home' => "<span class=\"imgmenu\">$img_txt{'103'}</span>",

Old Menu2.def:
'home' => "<img src=\"$yyhtml_root/Buttons/$button_language/home.$imgext\" alt=\"$img_txt{'103'}\" border=\"0\" />",

Included in the zip package are new 'default.css' and 'yabb21.css' - if you dont want to overwrite your existing .css files you can copy the styles from the 'css_adds.txt' file (also included in the zip) and paste them into your .css file(s).

If the template in use does not have the css-button styles in it the board will automatically load the old menu definitions.


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Re: CSS Buttons 4 YaBB 2.5 (beta 0.1)
Reply #1 - Dec 12th, 2010 at 5:22am
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Great Mod - Thanks!

I'll be adding the relevant CSS to my templates just as soon as I've made some images. Cheesy
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