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Add More Topic Icons
Apr 22nd, 2009 at 1:07am
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Updated for 2.4 (minor spacing change)

Attached is a mod file. You can install this mod, but you may want to edit it first. This is not a full-blown mod, it is more of a tutorial with a mod helper.

This is a tutorial about how to manually do what the old mod by Shoeb (Omario) used to do so much better.

I wanted to add an additional four icons to use as message icons, such as the thumbs up icon I used for this thread.

Since there is not currently a mod to do this, and since I can't really program, I hunted down some of the info on where bits of the code could be found at the YaBB support forum, and got some extra info and encouragement from Derek, here at BoardMod.

If you wish to, you can take the attached mods (one for 2.3 and one for 2.3.1) I have attached and install it. Included are the four extra icons the mod adds to the message icon list.

But you may not want to add the same icons that I did. If that is the case, you may prefer to go in and edit it for the icons you wish to add. I think it should be easy enough to figure out how to edit it to add different icons, and to make it more or less than four more being added on. (After all, if I was able to do it, I'm pretty sure almost everybody can!)

Upload your icons to the yabbfiles/Templates/Forum/default folder and chmod them.

Run your edited mod.

Upload Sources/ (3 changes)
Upload Sources/ (1 change)
Upload Sources/ (1 change)
Upload Languages/Your Language/Post.lng

You should now have access to some more icons for your threads.

Issue to note: I have no idea why, but when I tried to use a gif with a number in the name (boos2.gif) it would not work. I had to rename it to boos.gif, and change the reference everywhere, before it would work.

I don't know if that would be the case for all gifs with numbers in the name, but I figured I would mention it for anybody who was running into problems. ( 15 KB | Downloads )

Improving my forum, one mod at a time!

Now up and running again, with an accurate link.

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