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Normal Topic YaBB 2.4 Released April 13th (Read 9587 times)
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YaBB 2.4 Released April 13th
Apr 19th, 2009 at 10:33pm
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Corey Chapman, YaBB Project Leader & Owner of XIMinc, has recently announced... [Release] YaBB 2.4 - April 13, 2009.  This latest release of YaBB 2.4 includes many fixes, updates, and several new features.  Here is the reprint of Corey's announcement:

   Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend!  Just 3 months since the last release, the Easter bunny dropped off YaBB 2.4. This release includes an extensive amount of bug fixes. Additionally, the amount of settings files was reduced, and the code was improved.
   Just some of the enhancements, bug fixes, and new features included in this release are listed below. Additionally, many of the "mod" settings files for various features are now integrated into This change will delete several files, but it requires re-saving the settings pages and running the maintenance functions.


   - Error with registration not calling
   - Revised to allow use of .cgi extensions
   - Register button displayed when using Admin Only registration mode

   - Position selection when adding new tab to the main menu bar
   - Expand/Collapse feature with 2.1 Templates
   - Last post link not showing up if topic deleted
   - Line breaks not saving in Signatures
   - Member groups selected in Position not resetting in Member Group box
   - Display of rank image (stars) not showing in Profile view
   - Activation key missing from activation email
   - Code changes to reduce page calls/increase loading speed
   - Template layout problem with Opera / User Tools
   - Shortcut text not displaying in some browser versions; removed Reset button
   - Member list sorting didn't match order of Post Independent member groups
   - Template Configuration page display of tags
   - Browser page titles for sections of Admin Center
   - Wording in Read_Me.txt file
   - Separated Text Field and Button selections in Style Sheet WYSIWYG editor
   - Improved upgrading from older version instructions in Quick Guide
   - Renamed PM Outbox to Sent box
   - Selection method of saving copies of sent PMs
   - Revised image and URL displays in the Print Page feature
   - Revised User Online display to always display current user
   - Images in IMG tags not showing up in News if News Fader selected
   - Improved validation of user and display names at registration
   - Changed Save/Send/Post button text for posts and PMs
   - Made Collapse/Expand Additional Features in Post Reply area expanded by default
   - Added error routine to forgotten password code to handle corrupt user vars files
   - Encrypt User IDs option unchecked would hide user's Displayed name
   - Removed unused ie6alpha class from templates
   - Callback problem with some PMs
   - Moved Image Settings tab from Forum Settings to Advanced Settings for better grouping
   - Changed reset password routine to direct user to password settings in User CP
   - Resizing post area settings were not saved when in Post Modification page
   - Improper truncating of long URLs
   - Error with saving profile when Avatars are disabled
   - Error with post count in Board Index when deleting topics
   - Spaces in front of Marquee code caused scroll bars to appear
   - Sorted Font Names and changed font sizes from px to pt
   - Removed unnecessary vertical bar from Guest view of showcase polls
   - Posts automatically removed from username.log when older than Admin Center setting for new post expiration
   - Deleting first post in topic left unneeded information post in topic
   - RSS " display problem in some browsers
   - RSS feed problem with translating OH Eng tags in post
   - Notify error when viewing last x posts by user or last x posts of forum
   - Error in search routine not picking up all posts
   - Guests attempting to view a topic without permission were counted as a view
   - Changed error messages received as a result of lacking permission to information messages
   - Changed error message for attempting to save changes after session timeout
   - Error with .ctb files not being converted correctly when updating
   - Error with collapse and expand feature
   - Ampersand and class, style, and media attributes caused invalid RSS feeds
   - Expanded email form fields maximum character entry to 100 characters
   - Changed Send to a Friend template to use Displayed name instead of user name
   - Member group name characters not encoding properly when updating from older versions
   - Error with splitting last post in a topic
   - Attachment file size checker error
   - JavaScript error for polls with converted data from earlier versions
   - Code error in
   - Java error with Favorites button if Quick Reply not enabled
   - View Last X Posts permissions error
   - Split error for multiple page topic
   - Notifications/Add to Favorites JavaScript error
   - Mark all Posts as read error in Text Only mode
   - Error in Quick Guide file instructions
   - Admin modifying user profile changed user last online date/time
   - Java error with notifications and add to favorites

   - Improved Search Engine bots list
   - Added Search Engine bots auto-sort feature
   - ALL CAPS Alert; Admin can select number of uppercase characters to cause alert
   - Layout of Registration page improved
   - Improved free disk/host space checking; added two methods: find, and quota
   - HTML-label tags to support screen readers
   - Random function to News Fader
   - Facebook and MySpace options in contact information
   - Register button in login section at bottom of Board Index
   - Selectable static/dynamic clock at top forum bar
   - Media support for .3gp, hulu, vimeo,, and dailymotion formats
   - Transliteration for non-latinic language characters in uploaded files
   - Option to disable Smilies in the row below the Post window
   - Ability to change existing User Displayed names to include capital letters without getting error
   - Expand/collapse feature to seldom used input boxes under the Post window
   - Ability to turn off recent posts by user or set a maximum number of returned posts by user
   - Function to end Polls automatically

   * Note - An update to the package was made late evening on 4/15/09 to fix a few early bugs found.  Please download/install again (or at least update all .pl files) if you upgraded to 2.4 before this time.  The following files were changed:

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