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Normal Topic You Asked, We Delivered - YaBB 2.3 (Read 11659 times)
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You Asked, We Delivered - YaBB 2.3
Oct 12th, 2008 at 9:46pm
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The much anticipated release of YaBB, version 2.3, is here!  This is one of the biggest and best updates to the YaBB 2 line.  Several new and long overdue features have been added – you’ll recognize them as the most popular BoardMod modifications for YaBB.  Overall, 16 large features have been added.  On top of that, dozens of bugs, layout issues, spelling errors, and documentation deficiencies have been corrected!

Below is just a modest list of what has been changed.

Feature Additions:

1. Quick Reply Advanced Edition
2. Reverse Post in Topic Advanced Edition
3. YaBB Backup
4. Top of Page Button
5. Pie Charts for Polls
6. Showcase Poll
7. Preselected Smilies
8. Category Pictures
9. Image Resize
10. Multi-Attachments
11. Avatar Uploader
12. Split/Splice Advanced
13. Expand/Collapse Advanced
14. New Members E-Mail Notification (to Admin)
15. Extended Profiles
16. Spell Checker

Bug Fixes:

- Broadcast Messages shown as "new" until read (this will happen on upgrades to 2.3 until BM's read for 1st time)
- Stealth mode didn't turn off for demoted Admins and GMods
- Problem with quotes and polls containing foreign characters
- Changed rlog format to improve speed of "view Profile" and "View last xx posts by.."
- E-mail notifications for posts and PMs not working correctly
- Leading zero in year date format
- PM Live Preview not working correctly
- Server loading and speed improvement for notifications on top of page feature
- Problem with instant Delete/Validate of pre-registered users
- Menu style display in Template Configuration
- Corrected Ban.txt file creation on setup
- Last post display in user profile
- Notifications of Alert Moderator messages
- Added send BC messages to only Administrators
- Date/Time Zone display different than settings
- Lost language setting if clicking on Login from other than Board Index
- Special characters in language name directories
- Error message when saving/modifying posts in boards where attachments are not allowed
- User logs cleaned 3X number of days after Posts read by user marked as new again
- Moving, splitting, or splicing posts/topics no longer adds/subtracts from post count
- Redirect back to current page after login
- Improved Topic Notifications
- Hide E-mail address from public set as the default setting
- Image code now displayed in code box instead of image
- Improved security to prevent URL abuse of image tags
- DST selector allowed independent of allowing user avatars
- Allow brackets in search / search routine speed improvements
- User names now cloaked in Topic Summary
- Alert to Moderator function sent as PM to Admin if no Moderator/Group assigned
- Deleting a member in Admin Center no longer unchecks the reverse results box
- View member function now displays correct members beyond first page group
- Greater than 30 days since last post selection fixed in View/Delete members
- New Topic "on" gif no longer displays when a new (empty) board created
- Improved subject content in reply notifications
- Improved "Send to a Friend" feature
- Improved security of E-mail by keeping addresses encoded (not in HTML plain text)
- UBBC Quote button in Personal Messages
- To: addressing and permissions in user replies to BC messages
- Insert Smiley in message text field function
- Several smaller miscellaneous code fixes and improvements

Link Fixes:

- Corrected Quote button link from last recent user posts listing
- Corrected focus of jump to Quick Reply box for Start New Topic
- Focus set on User name field in the Log-in form
- Corrected link to quoted posts in Live Preview

Layout/Format Fixes:

- Added Title Text (mouse over text) throughout forum and Admin Center
- Notification button in search results when logged in
- Input fields for options set in Admin Center are faded if the option is unchecked
- Display of smilies in PM Smiley box
- Display of comma in online list if Admin/GMod logged on in Stealth Mode
- Format corrections to Admin Center and MyCenter templates
- Corrected button display when modifying polls
- Radio button for move automatically checked when selecting new destination board
- Improved Jump-To menu and layout
- Reduced default list of censored words
- Changed location in Admin Center of some feature selections
- Added color palette for selecting Validation Image color settings
- Added line break to code tag for better display in IE browsers
- Added missing mouseover texts in Admin Center/Referrer Security section
- Added titles to Menu.def files
- Improved display name in quotes in live preview
- Added Language selector for Add Member function in Admin Center
- Profile Button removed from Guest view
- Improved readability of validation code and added field to view selected color
- Added color preview for Forum News
- Deleted board loads display in debug
- Corrected high page number layout problems in member list
- Improved More Smilies Window display in different browsers
- Color button height in edit Member Groups screen

Spelling, Text, and Instruction Fixes:

- Revised Quick-Guide
- Revised and expanded Help Files
- Spelling correction to Rebuild Message Index message
- Spelling correction in Global Moderator Access window
- Cleanup of some non-language file text
- Updated credits in Quick-Guide and in Admin Center
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Re: You Asked, We Delivered - YaBB 2.3
Reply #1 - Nov 23rd, 2008 at 10:29am
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I can't seem to find where Extended Profiles lives in the AdminCenter

could you point me in the right directions
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Re: You Asked, We Delivered - YaBB 2.3
Reply #2 - Nov 23rd, 2008 at 11:02am
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admin/forum settings/members/use extended profiles.  Smiley
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I love YaBB 2.2

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Re: You Asked, We Delivered - YaBB 2.3
Reply #3 - Nov 24th, 2008 at 4:01am
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awesome ThankYou! Much Appreciated
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