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Normal Topic [Done] MyCenter customLink Y2.2 (Read 2037 times)
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[Done] MyCenter customLink Y2.2
Feb 25th, 2008 at 3:01am
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This mod allows you to create a custom link in userPanel for Extended Profile fields

This mod reqires ExtendedProfiles.mod

zip includes 2 versions
Double Column
Single Column

Test at

User ID: BoardModTester
pass : tester

version 1 Final


1. open mod in notpad
  search for:
  My Extended Profile Fields

  replace with:
  anything you want (example:  My Media or My Images)

2. install the mod

3. in AdminCenter ... set extended profiles fields to be displayed to:
  "User can edit it, show on \"customLink\" page"

4. upload to Admin/

   upload to Sources/

   upload to Languages/English/



Know issue

If user does not make use of ExtendedProfile Fields New table info still displays

Developers may use this mod as a starting point for there own mod ... All I ask is that You post a link to your mod here so others might enjoy as well

Thank You

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