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Normal Topic Install mods for my Yabb? $ (Read 888 times)
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Install mods for my Yabb? $
Dec 9th, 2006 at 12:43pm
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I am a little lost i am willing to pay for installation of mods into my forum via paypal.  Please let me know

Mods i want:

Event Calendar
Sub-Boards, Extended Profiles 
Users Avatars Upload, Attachment Download Counter/List, Event Calendar
Admin Center Update, Dice 4 
Who is Where, Online on messagedisplay 
Online on InstantMessageDisplay, Hidden User Mod 
Thread Strat Date, Recent User List 
Quick Reply Box, Message Index with Board Picture 
MessageIndex AttachInfo, Member Delete Lock 
Greet Plus, Bookmark Yabbforum 
Advanced User Color, Advanced IM Preview 
YaBB2 Backup, YaBB Media Center 
Tell A Friend, Return To beta 
Rules YaBB2, phpBB subTemplates      
Next Previous PlusMOD, New Member Notification 
ImageShack Uploader, Countdown Mod 
BetterBetterColors, Admin HTML in Posts 
Advanced Member Email, Alert Moderator 
Annoy Mod, Hotlinks 4 YaBB21 
Custom Page Mod, Poll Show Vote Mod 
Sensitive Censor, Set Subject Lenght mod 
Split Splice Advanced, Sticky Shimmy Shuffle
You Feature, Glow Shadow Undo Redo 4 
PopMeter 4, Restore for Recycle-Bin
Internal Links and Anchors, Admin Debugging Information, AntiTheft 
Messageform Size, Quick Quote mod 
Recent Posts Bar Mod
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