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Bookmark 0.1 Yabb 2.1
Oct 29th, 2006 at 3:09pm
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i relaesed my first Yabb Mod.

Bookmark 0.1 Yabb 2.1


This small Mod add a Bookmark Function to your Yabb Menue.

Zip Package Included:

- Bookmard.mod
- Bookmark_Rules_Compatible.mod


1) Modify YaBB files using BoardMod or manually.
2) Load modified files to your server in ASCII mode.

- Templates/Default/default.html
- Sources/
- Variables/Menu0.def
- Variables/Menu1.def
- Variables/Menu2.def
- Languages/German/Menu.lng
- Languages/English/Menu.lng
- Admin/

3) Upload Graphic's in Binary Mode

Mod History:

Note: Tested with IE and FF.

Important: For use the Bookmark Link with FF click with the right Mouse Button on the Link and selected attributes. Disable the Option: Load Bookmark in Sidebar

Status Bookmark V0.1 (28. October 2006)

- First release
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Greeting ThM
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