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Normal Topic SP 1.3 - Ratings 2.2 (Read 1567 times)
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SP 1.3 - Ratings 2.2
Apr 8th, 2003 at 12:43pm
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Rating 2.2 for YaBB SP 1.3

Let your members rate whatever you want - mods - movies - books - games - music...
Create items for users to rate (or download and rate). Show rating, votes, clicks (if URL provided by admin) and graphics bar.

Clicking on a bar, will open an "Item Breakdown" screen.


Rating Admin Center on the ratings page:

-Admin can add, edit, reset and delete items from the Rating Admin Center
  • add new or select existing category
  • support UBBC in description
  • if URL provided the "Name" will be a link
  • reset rating, votes, clickcount and start date for selected item
  • if all items in a category are deleted the category is automatically deleted

-Admin can create links and SSI code from Rating Admin Center
  • easy creation of links: Select item, click on "Create links and SSI code"
  • links for use in YaBB posts
  • links for use on external pages
  • SSI code for use on any shtml page at your site
  • SSI code for Select box is default, admin can add Title (incl. link and clicks), Bar and Description

-Admin can change settings from the Rating Admin Center
  • give members of one or all membergroups access to add, edit, reset and delete their own items
  • add a general description to the top of every page
  • support UBBC in general description
  • allow guest rating
  • view/hide item description on "Item Breakdown screen"
  • set items per page
  • set default sorting to "Category/Rating", "Category/Name", "Category/Clicks", "All/Rating", "All/Name" or "All/Clicks"
  • choose between "Vertical" or "Horizontal" layout

  • users can undo/redo rating
  • users can sort items by "Category/Rating", "Category/Name", "Category/Clicks", "All/Rating", "All/Name" and "All/Clicks"
  • users can jump to category (if more than one)
  • users can view "Item Breakdown" by clicking on a Rating-bar

Download: Rating 2.2 for SP 1.3

Live example: Ratings 2.2 for SP 1.3

SSI example SSI test page
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